The training provided includes training topics regarding our mission.


Thematic units of education are: Forest and Rural fires, First Aid, Floods, Research Methods, Mountain Rescue, Large scale incidents, Communications and more.

Education is theoretical and practical. The occasional outdoor exercises provide an opportunity for trainees to implement everything that has been trained as well as team management to assess the level of preparedness of the Team Rescuers.

Forest Fires

Forest fires are a major problem in the countries of the Mediterranean, which are trying to improve not only the effectiveness but also the efficiency of managing this phenomenon / risk. Good training of our volunteers and appropriate equipment is an additional important tool for achieving this goal.

First Aid

First aid knowledge is a timeless need for human. It is even more important nowadays where modern lifestyles and technology have multiplied the dangers surrounding us. For a volunteer rescuer, first aid knowledge is a prerequisite. Extensive multi-level training by experienced trainers and health professionals ensures our rescuers' excellent ability to effectively support the patient's life until the arrival of medical help.


Severe weather phenomenon occasionally causes catastrophic floods from which properties as well as human lives are at risk. Well-trained and appropriately equipped volunteer rescuers is an additional factor in the efforts of state agencies to manage these incidents.

Search and Rescue of missing persons

From time to time, the Police are requesting volunteers to identify missing persons. Methodality and systematicity in conducting research ensures early identification and safe rescue of the missing person with minimal health consequences.


Cyprus is located in the second largest earthquake zone of the planet, which is experiencing earthquakes, which account for around 15% of global seismic activity. Almost all the cities and many settlements in Cyprus have been destroyed in the distant past by strong earthquakes. In such an earthquake, government agencies alone may not be enough to cover all episodes. The assistance of trained volunteer rescuers will achieve a faster rescue of surface wounded and will ensure timely identification and rescue of trapped ruined people.


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