About us

The Team

The Cyprus Emergency Response Team RESCUE-1 is a non-profit voluntary rescue organization founded in 2018 based in Limassol.Its members are volunteer ready 24/7 to provide their services when and where needed.

The Need

People are increasingly affecting the climate and the temperature of the earth through the use of fossil fuels and deforestation. These activities cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. Forest fires are more frequent and more destructive. Stronger weather phenomenon causes disastrous floods. Government agencies sometimes lack sufficient resources to deal with such disasters.

Thus, in recent years, the need for action by volunteer firefighters / rescuers is more pronounced.

Through volunteering we offer our community and society a better and safer world.

The team's members are volunteer ready 24/7 to provide their services when and where needed.

The Mission

We are fully loyal and committed to serving voluntarily and providing our services to the community in emergencies, in times of peace or war, to all our fellow human beings regardless of gender, age, religion, political beliefs and social status.

Our mission includes first aid, organization of search and rescue operations, extinguishing rural and forest fires, research and rescue of missing persons and rescue from ruins after an earthquake.

The Vision

To help our residents and visitors of Cyprus in a situation that they can not handle on their own, by creating a well-trained and equipped team of volunteer rescuers.

The Structure

Rescue 1 operation is based on two pillars: the operations department and the logistics department. The Team Leader and his Deputy are supported by four specialists who are the safety and health officer, civil engineer, psychologist and training coordinator.

The operational dept. includes the search team and the rescue team.

The logistic department includes the well fare group and the medical team.

Great importance is given to the training of volunteers. The training coordinator, employing team trainers and visiting trainers, is committed to maximizing operational preparedness for rescue operations.

After registering, the volunteer is approved as a cadet or fully operational rescuer, according to his / her knowledge, skills and experience. Candidates should attend the Basic Rescue School lasting one year before participating in missions involving serious risks.

Members who will be approved as fully operational may be directly involved in all Group missions.


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